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Ways to please your Master


There are many ways a slave or a sub can please her Master other than sexually. It is a given that we are to be available and receptive to our Masters whenever they wish to use us, but even the most randiest of Masters have to break away from sex some time. (Honest, they do!!)

The next few days, I thought I'd write down some of the ways over the years I've learned to please Master. Maybe some of you who are new to the lifestyle will be inspired to try some of these ideas if you haven't already.

Basically it's all about remembering that Masters home is His castle. It should be a refuge; a safe haven from the world when He is there. Every effort for His comfort and pleasure should be made. I'm not saying that you should kneel by His side 24/7 (unless your Masters into that), I'm just saying, your primary thought process should always be, How can I please Master today.

Now, understand. I write these things from a perspective of a slave who is very submissive by nature and chooses to live this way. Those of you who drift in and out of the lifestyle, or mainly enjoy being a slave/sub during scenes or only when sex is involved won't approve of some of these. That's fine. I respect what ever capacity you live this lifestyle.

Also those of you who work outside of the home won't be able to do some of these things. You have learned how to adapt the lifestyle to your schedule and I GREATLY respect that. There will be things you can do as well that don't interfere with your work. This is strictly my views of my relationship. I'm not judging anyone else's in any way. I'm only sharing things I've learned serving my Master.

  1. When Master comes home greet Him at the door.

    Some Masters like to be greeted with their slaves on their knees, others may not care...either way greet Him at the door looking fresh and happy and sincerely welcome Him home.

  2. Don't nag or whine about things that went wrong in your day.

    The last thing your Master wants to hear after a long day of work is how bad traffic was or how the cleaners lost your pink sweater. Fill the atmosphere with positive pleasant thoughts. Tell him how much you missed Him, and how much better you feel when He is present.

  3. Offer Him refreshment. If He enjoys a nice hot cup of coffee when He gets home, have it already freshly brewed for Him, preferably with fresh ground beans. Nothings to good for your Master. Time it so it just finishes brewing, so the aroma of fresh coffee permeates the air.

    If He prefers a beer, make sure it's ice cold, or if He prefers a mug, wet one and place it in the freezer so it's perfect for Him.

    If it's a mixed drink, or just a refreshing tall glass of ice tea , then have all the ingredients ready so you can make it quickly and efficiently. Add lemon or mint to the tea for a special touch.

  4. Rub your Masters shoulders, or kneel on the floor in front of Him and remove His shoes. Give His feet a quick strong rub. Watch the stress of the day just melt from His face as He receives comfort from His slave as soon as He walks through the door. Rub His hands as well. Knead His palms with your fingers. Use your thumbs to apply pressure while you rub the backs of His hands. Give each hand a respectful kiss to let Him know He is appreciated.

  5. Give Him the remote.

    This one may be hard, but if you are a sub or a slave, one of Masters perks is it's His choice. Learn to like what He likes, or ask for permission to watch something else in another room.

    Master should always decide what is watched,if anything. If he chooses to leave the t.v. Off, then it stays off. Only if Master offers for you to choose something should it ever be your choice.




That post would be an excellent response to a specific question asked recently in the humbled_females community. Maybe cross post?

When Master comes home greet Him at the door.

I like to have my sub take off my shoes/boots when I get home also (as one specific example, expanding on the return home rituals). And be dressed in a pleasing way, exposing herself to me. Even if it's not sexual, or if I don't want to be sexual, It's a good gesture and symbol.

Give Him the remote

That can be a tough one. I also appreciate when my sub can respond decisively to a question of which she would prefer to watch, out of a list of options I choose.

Keeping up sexuality and submission both can be hard in a 24/7 long term relationship, even if only one person is working outside the home. I like to find ways to expand on and provide reminders of the sexual and D/s aspects of the relationship. Things like having my sub expose herself to me as I go out the door on my way to work. A phone pic, or short email to me during the day while I'm out. Gestures, tokens, and symbols.

What you're describing is a wonderful thing. Parts of the most intimate, powerful, and intense kind of relationship imaginable. I only wish more people could experience it. The world would be a better place.

Through your journal, more people do get, just an inkling, of what it can be.


I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers..


Very nice indeed I’ll probably download it. Thanks